ANDRITZ to deliver neXline wetlace hybrid line to Israel


ANDRITZ to deliver neXline wetlace hybrid line to Israel

The international technology group ANDRITZ has received an order from Albaad Massuot Yitzhak Ltd. for the supply of a hybrid neXline wetlace line for its enterprises in Dimona, Israel.

The line will produce a wide range of cellulose-based wet wipes, and its launch is scheduled for the third quarter of 2023.

The modern neXline Wetlace hybrid is an ideal combination of in-line dry (carding) and wet (wetlaid) web molding with hydro-entanglement and drying, including quality control equipment and the Metris Industry 4.0 package. All components will be supplied by ANDRITZ and are designed for the production of first-class webs, including biodegradable, carding and washable/dispersible nonwovens for end use as napkins.

Tobias Schaefer, Vice President of Sales at ANDRITZ Nonwoven, comments: "Our innovative production line gives Albaad tremendous flexibility in the production of napkins. In addition, the Metris digitization package from ANDRITZ will provide Albaad with highly efficient and intelligent operation of the line.

Dan Mesica, CEO and President of Albaad, clarifies: "We strive to develop new products, such as environmentally friendly biodegradable wipes. As innovative manufacturers of our Hydrofine® flushable wipes, we strive for environmental sustainability. Thanks to the new ANDRITZ line, we will expand the product range at our production facility in Dimona due to innovative canvases and high productivity.

Gadi Choresh, President of the nonwovens division of Albaad, says: "Our knowledge and experience in dry and wet styling technology, together with modern equipment supplied by ANDRITZ, will allow us to provide the market with products from natural sources. Nonwovens are the best response to the increasing market demand.

Albaad is one of the three largest manufacturers of wet wipes in the world and strives to offer high-quality wipes for any needs. The company has the world's leading production facilities on three continents, each of which is equipped with the latest technologies. Albaad produces spunlace and flushable cloths at its enterprises, as well as purchases rolled products from other suppliers to support the production of a wide range of napkins.


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