Reifenhäuser Enka Tecnica offers high-quality "retrofit" kits for Meltblown technology


Reifenhäuser Enka Tecnica offers high-quality

Reifenhäuser Enka Tecnica offer their portfolio of replaceable components for Meltblown and composite materials (SM…S) lines.

A highly specialized manufacturer of spinners, cassettes and complete spinning beams offers modern technology and high-quality components for the modernization of lines installed worldwide from various manufacturers.

The so-called "retrofit" kits are developed individually to order for each owner of the Meltblown or SM…S lines to ensure compatibility with the existing hardware of the lines in order to increase the design performance and diversify the product range.

With the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for high-quality products (such as non-woven materials for medical masks and "anti-liquid" suits) obtained by blowing from a melt (Meltblown) has increased dramatically. Thanks to Enka Tecnica's cost-effective replaceable components, customers can upgrade their existing lines and produce more technologically advanced materials with high added value for the hygiene, medicine or filtration sectors.

The excellent quality of the tips and capillaries of the die ensures stable quality and uniformity of the non-woven material in terms of physical and mechanical characteristics, allowing manufacturers to reliably comply with product requirements and reduce the amount of production waste.

Enka Tecnica specialists produce all components in exact accordance with customer specifications to ensure their seamless integration into existing production lines.


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