New materials with three-dimensional embossing from Berry Global at INDEX 2020


New materials with three-dimensional embossing from Berry Global at INDEX 2020

Berry Global continues to amaze by presenting a wide range of nonwovens for hygiene, napkins and other applications at INDEX20.

The latest novelty of the company is nonwoven fabric with three-dimensional embossing, sold under the trademark Suavis 3D. It is expected that Suavis 3D will satisfy the growing market demand in the premium segment for a high level of softness and comfort. Suavis 3D technology provides increased softness and improved tactile sensations of the company's nonwovens for hygienic applications and offers visually attractive embossing patterns.

This product is made possible by a new three-dimensional embossing line in Bisheim, France, which provides high-quality and high-performance solutions for the hygienic nonwovens market.

3D technology combined with premium Berry soft nonwoven fabrics can provide improved fluid control and skin comfort, as well as improve the softness and other characteristics of the material. The new embossed material will be used in baby diapers, in diapers used for incontinence in adults, and in feminine hygiene products.

"It's been a fantastic journey, from the installation of our 3D line in Bisheim, France, to the launch of Suavis 3D. I am proud of this new premium nonwovens platform, which clearly meets the needs of users of products based on them for softness and comfort," Vincenzo reports. D'accioli, Marketing Director of Berry Global.


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