Meltblown HEPA class from the Taiwanese manufacturer CNH


Meltblown HEPA class from the Taiwanese manufacturer CNH

KNH has been engaged in meltblown technology for more than 20 years, the derivatives of which are widely used in medical and individual protective filter materials. KNH has officially entered the high-quality filtration market by releasing meltblown non-woven materials of the HEPA class, which have high filtration efficiency and high breathability.

KNH is the first manufacturer of meltblown nonwovens in Taiwan. The main nonwovens that KNH produces are air-through, thermo-bonded, air-laid, spunlace, meltblown and calendered. KNH serves customers all over the world and produces more than 20,000 tons of nonwovens per year.

Due to the impact of Covid-19 in 2020, KNH expanded the production lines for the production of blown melt material to meet the high demand from customers around the world. This year, KNH has released a HEPA grade meltblown with high filtration efficiency and high air permeability to provide the market with high-quality filter materials.

Compared to conventional nonwovens obtained aerodynamically from melt, HEPA Meltblown nonwovens meet the requirements of high-efficiency filtration H10-H14, have less air resistance and higher characteristics. Filtration efficiency reaches 99.995%; air resistance is reduced by about 30 - 40%. Thus, KNH HEPA Meltblown non-woven materials can also be used in the production of medical and individual protective filters that provide increased breathability, comfort and protection.  

KNH factories, founded in 1969, are located in Taiwan and China. The company specializes in the production of nonwovens and OEM for world-famous brands such as Kimberly-Clark and P&G.


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