Meltblown HEPA in the cosmetic and medical segment from MAG


Meltblown HEPA in the cosmetic and medical segment from MAG

Magical Film Enterprise (MAG) is one of the largest manufacturers of nonwovens in Taiwan. All products are certified by FDA, SGS, TTRI, ROHS & REACH.

As for nonwovens produced using Meltblown technology, MAG has launched a HEPA class material for use in the cosmetic and medical segment (as the main filter layer in personal respiratory protection equipment (PPE), as well as in products for filtering human biological fluids).

The use of water-electret processing technology provides higher filtration efficiency and higher breathability. The Meltblown MAG HEPA conforms to the H10-H14 standard. Compared to the conventional aerodynamic method of forming a web from a melt, the HEPA brand has a lower air resistance while maintaining higher filtration characteristics.

HEPA class materials effectively filter at least 99% of aerosols with particles 0.3 microns in diameter, and also serve as a reliable barrier against the penetration of dust, pollen and PM 2.5 through the SIZOD.

For quality control, MAG uses the TSI-8130 device to check each produced roll of Meltblown material for filtration efficiency (NaCl and paraffin oil), pressure drop, etc. This automatic tester is used by such well-known certified international laboratories as Nelson Labs and TTRI (Taiwan Textile Research Institute).


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