Avgol investments in Russia - expansion of the range of nonwovens


Avgol investments in Russia - expansion of the range of nonwovens

Avgol's multi-level investments in Russia include R5, Meltblown and lamination line.

Avgol has announced a three-tier investment in its production site in Uzlovaya, Russia, in 2021 in order to expand the range of nonwovens, increase the company's role in existing markets and promote it to new territories. Recall that Avgol already operates two lines in Russia (R3 SMMS, R4 SSMMS) for the production of composite nonwovens from Reifenhäuser Reicofil.

The biggest part of the investment is the addition of a high-speed flexible production line Reicofil 5 (Reifenhäuser Group), which will provide greater production capacity for growing regional markets and support the release of new Avgol technologies.

The line will serve the growing markets of baby diapers, feminine hygiene and anti-urinary incontinence products in adults, along with meeting the steady demand for Meltblown filtration materials and medical materials.

Avgol (Indorama Ventures Limited) offers the global hygiene market a wide range of ultralight nonwovens produced by "spun-melt" (melt spinning). The third Avgol line in Russia will include the production of bi-component materials and corresponding capabilities for the production of materials of the "high-loft" type (volumetric materials characterized by 3D structure), allowing to meet the needs of manufacturers of hygienic products of the highest quality and comfort class.

In addition to the R5 line, Avgol will add a Meltblown non-woven fabric production line at the Russian site, as well as a new line offering advanced lamination capabilities. These investments will not only improve Avgol's offerings in existing markets, but will also allow the company to explore new opportunities in other markets.

The R5 line, the Meltblown line and the possibilities of the lamination line will provide the Russian site Avgol with a powerful set of platforms as a base, on the basis of which the company's customers will be provided with high-tech materials that allow them to produce high-class hygienic and medical products to meet the demand of the most sophisticated end consumers.


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