Transaction algorithm
Just a few steps to your goal

How to buy !

Step 1. Choose the products you need to order

  • Go to the "Nomenclature" section. Select the desired type of nonwoven fabric and go to its order page
  • On the order formation page, indicate all the desired options (possible for selection) for the selected product - canvas engraving, density, width, length, color and others
  • Calculate the price of the generated order and, if desired, add it to the Order Portfolio
  • Having filled the Portfolio with the necessary commodity items, go to the "Order Portfolio" page and check it
  • Next, go to the "Application Form" page and fill in all the necessary fields of the specified form
  • Send your application by clicking the appropriate button
  • Immediately after sending this form you will receive an SMS notification with the assigned application number

Step 2. Wait for a decision on your application

  • Within 2 days (not including days off) after the sent application, you will receive an SMS notification with a decision on it
  • If the decision is positive, get an SMS notification with the assigned number of your order and password for entering the Customer’s Account

Step 3. Go to the customer’s office - according to the issued order number

  • Go to the "Customer Account" page at the order number you received
  • Check your headings and their technical characteristics and the planned date of receipt of products at the warehouse
  • Choose a convenient way to deliver your order. Shipping costs will automatically be added to the main amount.
  • A typical contract form for this transaction will be displayed in the Customer’s Account
  • Confirm your agreement to the transaction by clicking on the appropriate option and submit the form for processing
  • After sending the form, the specification for this order and an invoice for payment will be sent to your email, taking into account the selected delivery method

Step 4. Pay for your order using one of the specified methods

  • Make payment for your order in the selected way
  • After payment, all confirmation information will be sent to you by email and displayed in the Customer’s Account
  • Check the status of your order in the Customer’s Account

The guarantee of payment security is provided by the interbank processing center and relevant payment aggregators

Step 5. Receive and sign

  • When products are ready for shipment, you will receive an additional SMS notification
  • If pickup is selected according to the delivery conditions, you will receive an electronic form of power of attorney to receive your order from the warehouse with its GPS coordinates
  • In the case of our delivery to your address - expect it to arrive at your addressee (unloading point)
Having bought once you will definitely come back to us again!